Thursday, April 27, 2006


if i have your attention, then i shall begin.

i would like to talk to you about a topic i find extremely difficult to discuss. this is not, as you might first assume, because what i want to mention is particularly embarrassing to me, nor do i perceive it as dull, on the contrary i would be happy to share my thoughts and i (at least) find them rather interesting. no, my hesitance is more due to the fact that these things are difficult to touch on, being perhaps of a very personal nature although i cannot help but believe that everyone comes across these thoughts at some point in some form and by setting out my thoughts here i might actually help contribute debate which i at least would find tremendously and fiercely useful.

having i hope piqued your interest, i shall continue.

i do not believe in god or gods yet i am prepared to debate with christians and other victims of organised religion because i do not believe them to be entirely wrong either; for there is something out there, some energy which shapes the universe, there is some hand guiding us. there can be no other explanation, for whilst it is true that a mind may search for meaning even where there is none, the sheer multiplicity of synchronicities, feelings and experiences in my life serve to convince me that my journey is a guided one.
i see this happening in a multiplicity ov ways and thee one i would be happy to expand upon here is my experience with literature.
i find it amazing how a book comes into my life.
how i am chosen by a collection of paper pages, covered with inked markings, glued together and covered with hard card, coloured by garish designs. i find it bizarre how i drift to a library or a used bookshop, without a specific plan and then a book draws my hand to its shelf.

it wants to be read by me.

the universe shapes itself to allow this to happen.

further, i find it strange that i (and why not anyone else too?) can be picked by the book at just the right time for a message to be conveyed, highly personal to myself, hinting at some special purpose which i do not even know myself when i start reading the book. a message of cosmic import, given for free by something guiding my journey. yes, scoff if you will, but i sincerely believe there is some strange power at work here. shake your head if you want, but consider the abiding attraction of the 'I Ching', surely a book which attempts to refine this obscure method of divination into a more organised form.
and whilst the 'I Ching' is an accepted method of contacting the energy or the divine or whatever you want to call it (the label is not the important thing!!), i also have a lot of time for "my" method, which i am sure i am not alone in using. i would be interested to hear the experiences of others. if you are still confused, i hope my ensuing and ongoing documentation will aid understanding. i hope it also heightens my own perceptions of the phenomenon i am tracking, since as well as individual books having meaning, one can also sometimes plug into a strange intellectual pull which links disparate books together into a highly personal odyssey of discovery.
but perhaps i have lost you already.

so enough for now.

i will document my experiences here and if they chime with your own, if would be interested to read your comments.


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