Friday, April 28, 2006

a fragment may elucidate my point, or it may not:

x vonnegut x

kurt vonnegut on writing books in his novel 'timequake':
"still and all, why bother? here's my answer: many people need desperately to receive this message:
'i feel and think much as you do, care about many of the things you care about, although most people dont care about them. you are not alone'"

he also laments the loss of the extended family in a different manner, namely addressing why the world is so fuckedup. he seems to think a reversal to the extended famiy might herald a change in values for the better. he also mentions the subject in other books and even goes so far as to make up new words to convey his meaning eg 'carrass'

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x dibdin x

michael dibdin comments near the beginning of his rip-roaring read 'dark spectre':

"But if the mother wasn't to blame, who was? For a while it looked like society was going to take the rap. If the woman had been brought up in a caring, supportive, communal environment, like the indigenous peoples before the white man fucked everything up, this never would have happened. There would have been plenty of old people with time on their hands who were only too glad to look after chores like bathing babies, leaving the mother to get royally laid by a selection of super-studs like us. Plus she'd be living in harmony with nature, so she wouldn't need drugs or other artificial stimuli to combat the colonialization of her mind by the propaganda machine of late capitalist consumerism, right?"


Blogger intricate,interconnected said...

one day i read the vonegut, the next the dibdin.

somehow a meaning jumps between the two books, and i receive it.

this chiming between the books i what i like, what i notice and what i want to communicate here.

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