Friday, June 06, 2014

What sprouts in Brussel?

Yes yes, the synchronicities did not stop yet sometimes the will to record doth flag.

This is a good one though..

So I was poring over a Belgian guidebook before bedtime, devouring some history lessons wot they didn't teach at skool.

I read about Waterloo, and how close "we" came to losing. And then what language would be speaking now i wondered....

Upon victory, Wellington is said to have remarked "Nothing save a battle lost is so terrible as a battle won".

I then went to bed and picked up Sebastian Faulks' alright novel 'A Week in December' [apparently it's a 'delightful and witty satire on contemporary London life'], in which Veals the nasty stockbroker uses the Wellington quote...

Two books, one quote, read twice in two minutes.


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