Sunday, August 31, 2008

the feeling that it is happening

- grisham

as i rushed through the gates to catch the train, out of breath and sweating, i realised it was one of those days when i had never really woken up. it seems to help to go for a walk in the mornings rather than starting right in on the laptop. anyway, i was in a weird mood as i sat down to a book my father had just given to me. trash for the train - john grisham's the chamber.

the strange thing was that i knew somehow as i ploughed through the introductory pages, reading about a ku klux klan murder of a jewish lawyer and how one of the accomplices got caught, that there would soon be some reference to the netherlands. this is not a randomly selected country for me, far from it in fact,

and then there it was, on page 80 or thereabouts. a mention that the imprisoned man's nephew lived in amsterdam.


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