Wednesday, May 17, 2006

a hoot in the dark

x Hiaasen

As his parents were shutting the bedroom door behind him, Roy said "Hey, Dad?"
"Remember how you said the pancake people could do whatever they wanted on that land if they had all the permits and stuff?"
"That's right"
"How do i check up on something like that?" Roy asked. "You know just to make it all legal."
"I suppose you'd call the building department at City Hall."
"The building departments. Okay, thanks."

- Hoot


Despite the rather overt plotting device (one must state that other books by Hiaasen have been of much higher calibre), which is also stolen from the Goonies now i come to think about it, what is of interest here is that I read these words on the exact day when i was due to phone the building inspector of kralingen-crosswijk.


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more -

the young hero gives his barefoot hero (another character) a pair of shoes, i read this on the very day i buy a second hand pair of shoes, having been embarassed by the feeling i got from going into town in my destroyed sneakers.

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