Wednesday, May 24, 2006

synchronique manifestation

x robert rankin

having read and enjoyed one rankin book recently without incident, i was heartened to pick up another, namely 'the most amazing man who ever lived', and be hit on the second page of text with a startling resonance:

The annual 'Skellington Bay East Pier Man-Powered Flight Competition' always drew the holiday makers. And the annual £1000 prize for the first successful one-thousand-foot flight always drew the town's eccentrics. But no-one was actually expected really to win the money. It was all just a bit of summertime jolly, wasn't it? Men in cardboard planes and dicky-bird costumes jumping into the sea to raise money for charity.


the above read on a monday, when sunday saw a red bull sponsored flying machine championship in the city, which i walked past and saw from a boat.


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